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If needed, an egg donor could be your pathway to becoming a parent. There are many situations where treatment using Donor Eggs may be recommended to you. Most commonly, it is recommended when struggling to conceive is age-related. As women get older, their egg quality declines which causes the chances of conception to decrease. It could also be a result of poor egg quality, premature ovarian failure, infertility caused by a medical treatment such as chemotherapy, or you may have a high risk of passing on a genetic or hereditary condition.

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Using Known Egg Donors

At Gateshead Fertility we can offer treatment with known egg donors. This means, if you have a relative or friend who would like to donate their eggs to your treatment, we can help.

Your known egg donor will be prepared in a similar way to our patients having standard IVF. We will stimulate their ovaries and perform an egg collection, at which point the eggs become yours. We will prepare your womb to be ready to meet the embryo, created with your partners’ or donor sperm in approximately 5 days’ time.

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We can help connect you with an egg donor

If you are unable to find an egg donor, anonymous egg donation may be the best option for you. As there is a real shortage of donor eggs in the United Kingdom, Gateshead Fertility has partnered with Crown IVF, Famagusta, Northern Cyprus, and Instituto Bernabeu, Alicante, Spain to bring you a selection of egg donors to meet your requirements. Please get in touch with us if you would like to explore this option.

Prices starting from £6846, exc. prescribed drugs.

Understanding treatment costs will help you to plan ahead.

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Ideally, donors should be aged between 18-35 with a BMI ≤30 at the time of donation. Older donor can be considered under special circumstances. Donors will be screened to ensure no serious inheritable medical conditions are passed to the recipient or any child. Counselling will be required for both the donor and recipient.

Yes, you can get your Covid-19 Vaccine. The only time we wouldn’t recommend getting your vaccine is when you are undergoing a procedure. For further reading, please visit the HFEA website for guidance on the vaccine.

All new patients will require an initial consultation with one of our fertility consultants, currently charged at £275.  At this appointment the consultant will take a full medical history and discuss relevant screening tests and investigations. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the treatment that is recommended for you and you will be given an indication of the associated costs. 

If you decide to undergo treatment with us, then a detailed costed treatment plan will be drawn up according to your own individual needs and requirements.  This plan will be an estimate of the cost of the main elements of your treatment and will help you to plan and prepare.   

At Gateshead Fertility we work hard to ensure that pricing is transparent and patients are fully informed of the costs of treatment from the outset.

The cost of a treatment cycle using eggs from a known donor is £6846 for IVF and £7945 for ICSI, and includes the following:


– All blood tests
– Sperm test (if partner sperm is being used)
– Pre- treatment appointment with a Fertility Consultant
– Ultrasound monitoring for both donor and recipient
– Egg collection with nurse sedation
– Embryology and Andrology services, including blastocyst culture, EmbryoGlue, EmbryoScope time lapse imaging and ICSI (if applicable)
– Embryo transfer under ultrasound guidance
– Pregnancy Scans
– Follow up appointment
– Counselling for both the donor and recipients
– HFEA Fee


The cost of the following is NOT included:

– Medication: this can vary according to your needs and those of the donor, but you can expect the combined cost for both the donor and yourself to be between £700 and £1800
– Embryo or sperm freezing and storage
– Endometrial Scratch (if recommended)
– Donor sperm (if required)